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How To Gain Real Followers On Instagram

1 – Skip The Hit-All-Bases Approach

Instagram is a pretty cool photo sharing platform. You can find a lot of different themes to use for your account but the best one is to keep a strict focus on a topic or subject for your account. As an example, if your business is in the automobile industry, you would refrain from posting a lot of photos about food or pets in your account. That is of course, unless the food is being eaten inside a car or the pet is posing in front of one. The point is, pick a single path to follow with your IG account and it will draw followers.

2 – Jazz It Up And Give It Life

Alright. Now that you have picked a topic to focus your IG account on, how do you add some snaz to that account? It’s actually quite easy. All you have to do is ensure that the photo feed looks nothing short of awesome. Back to our automobile example, post photos of the most exotic cars on the planet. Or you could just post photos of a specific brand of vehicle or color of vehicle. The idea is to make your feed stand out with what appears to be the world’s best photos ever taken on (your subject).

3 Use Your Other Social Networks For Extra Juice

Now that your Instagram feed is looking like the best thing this side of paradise, now is the time to bend the internet a little bit. The way to get some added action to your IG account is to start sharing the new-and-improved feed with all of your other contacts. You do this easily by sharing or linking your other social network platforms together. What this means is that if you share on IG, be sure to share a link to that IG photo on your Facebook feed. Don’t forget to add Twitter to the mix and any other place you have an online presence.

4 Reach Out And Touch Someone

You know, as cool as it is to build your Instagram empire by yourself, from the ground up, there are times when you really can use a little help from your friends. You could go the usual route everyone thinks is the solution to gain active followers on Instagram – hashtags, follow for follow or like for like trades – or you could do it the logical way. Here’s how you do it: post a thoughtful, interesting and attention-grabbing comment on someone else’s feed. Seriously. That is your best bet. Call it your secret weapon if you must. Find something cool in another IG feed? Post a comment that shows how much you really like the photo or something else that doesn’t sound lame.

5 Stay Connected With Everybody

This should be a no-brainer but we’re going to tell you about it anyway. Once you gain additional Instagram followers you need to keep them engaged. It’s a whole look like when you used to make friends face-to-face before the internet turned relationships into virtual reality. Remember those days? How did you keep your friends as friends back then? You had to stay in contact. You had to get together, do things, see things and just spend time sharing stuff with each other. It kept both of you actively involved in the friendship contract. IG is a lot like that minus the face-to-face personal parts.

6 – Keep Posting Stuff Because It’s Part of The Deal

The internet, and social media feeds in particular, are monsters that required regular feedings. This means that if your Instagram account is about exotic cars, you just can’t post the best 50 photos you can find and leave it at that. It’s a lot like going to the Chinese restaurant for the smorg and only eating the soup. There’s a whole lot more going on over top of the steam tables you’ve completely ignored or passed by without giving it a second glance. The IG feed you create must be fed a healthy dose of new photos with some kind of regularity. Without that, it gets cranky and you start losing followers who have given up on you.

7 Being Cool Is Not Always A Requirement

If you are “one of those” who thinks that IG followers are going to just hang on to your account even when it is dormant, you need to give your head a shake. Even trading likes for likes involves some kind of commitment. An Instagram account does as well. Once you come to the realization that your coolness has nothing to do with your IG follower stats, you’ll start to get the picture. It really is not hard to attract followers if you follow (ha-ha, pun intended) these easy steps. The hard part is keeping them. Again, a lot like your real friends that aren’t online. They should like your feed for what it is and not because of who is in control of it. If you can keep this in mind there is no way in which you won’t gain followers on Instagram. You just have to know how to do it without having to use alternate means. Besides, real followers are going to be far more interested in the things that appear in your feed than fake followers.

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