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Contact us at if you need assistance.

What Is Gaininsta?

A service that can grow your Instagram account through native ways by interacting with users from the target audience.

I have paid, now what?

Our team will be in contact to the contact email and email used at FastSpring checkout, if you have not received this email, please contact us with your Payment email at .

I couldn’t find anywhere on the Gaininsta site to login?

We offer fully managed service, so you do not need to login. After the payment our growth manager will email you to setup your account with the relevant target audience.

Are the followers and likes real?

Yes, service helps gain only real users who are really interested in your instagram profile.

Can I still use my account while using your service?

Yes. Your account is your own, and our service will run in the background. You will be able to use your account as you normally do. But we recommend to not like and follow when Gaininsta is working on your account.

If I cancel my plan, will my followers leave account?

No! The followers you have gained while using Gaininsta are yours. Remember – the followers you have gained are following you because they intentionally chose to, they are showing interest in your profile and/or what you have to offer.

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